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Tech Career Booster Ambassadors

Earn some good money!

Do you want to be a Tech Career Booster Ambassador for our Courses and earn some good money?

Here it is how...

  1. You sign up as an Ambassador. We only need your email.
  2. You confirm your email address.
    We need to make sure that you are a real person.
  3. You find a new Tech Career Booster student. Any of your friends? Your colleagues? Any in your email lists? Anyone! Just bring us a new student.
  4. Tell them to sign up on our courses, using your email address as their ambassador reference.
  5. That's it! Every time your friend pays TCB for our services on our courses, you get (*)
    5.0 %
    And your friend gets a discount too:
    2.5 %

How does it sound? If you feel this is easy and fair, you only have to sign up!

(*) We are paying out our ambassadors after our students pay us first. Back-to-back. Payments from our students are coming in in various points during the course duration, and ambassadors are being paid out some days after each payment. In any case, we need to make sure that our students do not cancel and do not ask for a refund before we pay out our ambassadors.