Full Stack Web Developer Course - Programming With Ruby

Posted by Panos M. on 16/Feb/2017 (08:52)

Full-Stack Web Developer Course: Programming With Ruby Section


Today, we are so excited to announce, the curriculum of the Programming With Ruby section of our Full-Stack Web Developer course.

It is the result of hard work with our content advisors and our mentors. This section prepares you for the next sections on Web development that follow.

It is composed of 34 chapters, full of useful content, tasks, projects and quizzes. Enriched with videos and images.

We shouldn't forget to remind your here about the most important ingredient of our online course, which is the full-time mentoring that you enjoy while travelling from start to finish. All the way through, a Mentor is assigned to you that gives you an evaluation on your progress, advices and direction.

Below, you will see the detailed list of chapters included in the Programming with Ruby section. And stay tuned with our newsletter. You will be notified when the next section becomes public.

Programming With Ruby

01. Hello World Program18. Method Visibility And Class Inheritance
02. Ruby Basics19. Exceptions
03. Assignment Operators, Integer, Decimals and Floats, Constants20. Receiving And Processing Signals
04. Text And Strings21. File Input and Output
05. Getting Input and Sending Output22. File And Directory Management
06. Boolean Logic and Boolean Operators23. JSON And YAML
07. Conditional and Logical Operators And Program Flow24. Debugging Ruby Programs With a Debugger
08. Loops And Repetitions25. Modules And Mixins
09. Arrays26. Everything Is An Object
10. Hashes27. Linked Lists
11. Symbols And Hashes28. Sets, Stacks And Queues
12. Function Definitions And Arguments29. Matrices
13. Function Return Value And Recursive Functions30. Processes - Part A
14. Organizing Your Project To Files31. Processes - Part B
15. Variable Scope, Blocks, Lambdas, Procs and Methods32. Threads
16. OOP - Classes And Objects33. RubyGems, Bundler and RVM
17. Instance And Class Methods34. Rake

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