Important - Business is Shutting Down

We have decided to shut down this application in 1 year from now, i.e. @ 21/Feb/2021. Current users can still log in and will continue enjoying the content of the TCB courses until that date. The decision behind this is that we don't have the resources (a.k.a. money) to support this business. This is sad to us too, because the tech and content team have put a lot of effort ... for free until now.

Terms and Conditions of Using Tech Career Booster Online Learning Services

This is an EASY read. So, please read it. We will not flood you with legal terms.

Note: TCB stands for Tech Career Booster.

1. Are you a Student or Mentor?

1.1) You are not allowed to share your credentials.

1.2) You are not allowed to export the content of the Chapters, neither of the Exams.

1.3) The content of the Chapters or the Exams is not for public presentation. Access to the content, is given to you and only to you.

2. Are you a Mentor?

2.1) You are not allowed to use the content in order to teach people that are not TCB students.

3. Are you a Student?

3.1) When you send a message to your Mentor via the Conversations feature of the Web application, then your Mentor should reply back to you within 24 hours. Same goes for the evaluation of your assignments/tasks. Don't expect your Mentor to come back to you within 5 minutes, although it usually happens that they come back to you within the hour.

3.2) The certificates issued by TCB, after the completion of a Course and successful pass of the Exams, are internal certificates and do not have the aim to prepare the User for government or public examinations. TCB's certificates expressly do not represent or substitute any form of state or state recognized certificate.

3.3) You can ask us to delete your account and any related data from our database. Just fill in the contact form accordingly. We will then delete any data that we may have and linked to your account.

3.4) In case you purchase from us and you want to withdraw, we will not refund you any money. This is because you only pay for the mentorship and evaluation of chapters. The amounts are very small and you have all the time and information to take informed decision to purchase.

3.5) However, if you pay in advance for the whole course, then we will consider refunding you, only if you tell us within 14 calendar days, since the date you paid the whole course in advance. However, we will keep a refund service fee, which is a very small percentage of 5% of the refund amount.

4. Your data is safe

4.1) We will not share your data with anyone. Your data stays within TCB.

4.2) We use Google Analytics to collect data about how visitors or signed-up users are using our Web application. All data stays within our Analytics account. We only use them to improve your experience with our Web application.

4.3) We use Google Analytics when a visitor accesses our Web site and then we link this visit to an AdWords impression. This is how we know whether the visitor has arrived to our site via one of our AdWords ads. That makes us understand whether our ads work or not. Other than that, we don't identify the visitors in any way.

4.4) The whole Google Analytics thing takes place with the help of Cookies. You can definitely disable storing of cookies in your Web browser, if you don't want them there.

4.5) However, one cookie that is useful and we need it present, is the cookie that our Web application uses to identify whether you are signed in or not. Hence, if you disable that cookie, you will not be able to use the Web application.

4.6) But, again, the data you provide to us, stays with us.

4.7) By the way, the cookies that are installed in your computer when you browse our site or our application are the following:

  • For Required Functionality
    • _techcareerbooster_session: This is absolutely necessary because we save the information about users having signed in or not. Application cannot work without this information.
  • For Statistics (anonymously collected, to identify how the Web site and application are used)
    • _ga, _gat, _gid: Google Analytics.
  • For Marketing reasons (tracking visitors across websites, but, yet, anonymously).
    • ads/conversion/#, ads/ga-audiences, ads/user-lists/#, collect, IDE, test_cookie: Google
    • c, khaos, put_#, rpb, rpx, tap.php,: Rubicon
    • fr, impression.php/#, tr: Facebook

Again, if you need more technical details about these, just let us know and we are happy to provide.

5. Your credit/debit card is safe.

5.1) We don't actually store your card number or other details of your card.

5.2) We use Stripe to process your payment.

6. Subscription to Our Newsletter

6.1) When you sign up, you become a subscriber to our newsletter.

6.2) You can always unsubscribe and still be a signed up member of our Web application. Although, not recommended. You will be missing important information.

7. 24x7x365

7.1) We cannot warrant that our Web application is always accessible. However, we will eliminate any technical malfunction in reasonable time.

8. Contact

For any concerns that you may have, please contact us from the contact form here

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of usage, please, don't sign up and don't use our services. Thanks for playing fair!

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