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Version Control Systems - Git

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Lots of Practice

You will learn about version control systems and especially Git. This is not a theoritical course. It is full of practice that will make you grasp the basics and harness the most popular tool for version control out there.

Choose how fast

You have a life-time access to the content of the course. Do it at your own pace. However, this is a short course, so, we would expect you to finish it in about 1 or 2 weeks maximum.

We are online

The material can be accessed online from anywhere, anytime. You have access to a community of other students and mentors ready to help you on any question that you may have. Access to community is forever.

You have a mentor

We assign to you a super expert Web developer with lots of years of experience implementing large Web applications. They will be with you from day one, answering your questions using messaging, evaluating your work and having real-time sessions with you with pair-programming. [This is an extra feature paid per chapter.]

Job-Required Skill

This is a job-required skill. 100%. You cannot ask for a Junior software engineering job without you knowing what is a version control system. With Git knowledge you have increased chances your candidate employeer is using the same in their own code base.


We have built a network of employers and students that can help you quickly find the job that you are looking for, to start your awesome career on Web development.


Besides the tasks that you have to execute and the other assignments that you have to accomplish at your home, on your own time and convenience, there is going to be 1 exam, of 1 hour. An exam is a live session with the examiner that will be asking you questions and tasks/exercises that you perform right there, within the duration of the exam. You will have to prove that you have mastered the material that you have learned up to that point.


Throughout the course you will be given tasks and quizzes to accomplish. Also, you will have to pass an exam. Every one of these endeavours is being evaluated, separately, using a scale from 0 up to 100. In order for your task or exam to be considered PASS, you will have to earn at least 80 points out of 100 ones. At the end of the course, your average number of points is considered your course pass score. We warn you: You will not get your certificate unless you have 80% average number of points. [This is an extra feature paid per chapter.]

If you do not cover any of the following, you should not apply for the course.


This course is not going to teach you how to use your computer. Actually, you need to be able to use your computer very fluently. An advanced computer usage. You should be very competent in

  • quick typing. (knowing, only, how to use your mouse is not enough.)
  • installing programs
  • managing files and folders
  • using text editors and rich text editors like MS Word or Open Office
  • sending and receiving email
  • browsing and searching Internet
  • basic image editing skills (cropping and scaling)


Don't look at that like a chore or an errant. It needs to be your passion. You really need to want this very much. It should be one of your life dreams to become a very good Web developer.

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